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Whenever there is an emergency, the first things needs to be done the containment of the problem. As per the state and federal laws, the hazardous waste created during the industrial...


Some kinds of spills require an immediate notification of state, federal and local authorities. In such condition, the California-based A1 Oil Recycling, LLC. will handle functions for you.


Los Angeles-based, A1 Oil Recycling, LLC. is fully licensed and is insured by the state of California. A1 Oil Recycling, LLC.. uses the only state-approved disposal facilities.


When you are dealing with disposal of hazardous waste, you have to go through a huge a mountain of reporting and disclosing documents. A1 Oil Recycling, LLC will handle...

Welcome to A1 Oil Recycling Service Los Angeles, California

      Since its establishment in 1986, the Los Angeles, CA based A1 Oil recycling Service, LLC has become the dominating name within the community of providers of environmental services in Los Angeles, Orange County & Riverside County in Los Angeles, California. With our passion towards the protection of environment, A1 Oil Recycling Services, LLC is constantly expanding and improving every facet of our business.

We realize that in today's world, the environment is taking a heavy toll due to the uncatered issues created by hazardous waste. Various day today industrial and manufacturing processes are posing a huge threat to our beloved mother earth by pouring huge piles of hazardous waste & oil dispositions. We, at A1 oil recycling services, LLC in Los Angeles, CA are passionate to fight against the further environmental degradation with hazardous waste and oil disposal and recycling services. 

       Our staff of skilled professionals will help you to deal with various oil recycling services in LA such as Hazardous Waste Disposal, Oil Recycling, Hazardous waste transportation, Hazardous Waste recycling,  Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal, Waste oil removal, Paint Removal, Hazardous waste containment and Hazardous Waste Removal. Let us know if you are in a need of professional oil recycling services in Los Angeles, California and our fleet of company owned well-equipped service trucks will provide you with the first class oil recycling service at all times.

At A1 oil recycling Services, we also offer the following list of services to our clients in Los Angeles, California.